Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glasses....The Fountain of Youth!

A couple of weeks ago I had an eye doctor appointment for just a normal checkup and I also wanted to get a pair of new frames. Sydney came along with me and being that she is 4 years old, about 400 questions were asked. Like all parents of 4 year olds, the depth and the detail of questions they ask certainly become head scratchers and you feel like you need a degree in philosophy to answer simply and properly. So after being asked why I needed to see the doctor, I told her I was getting older and my eyes didn't work as good and that I couldn't see things far away. Well today she asked again why I was getting older. I just explained that I had another birthday and you get older each time you have a birthday. Had to explain that she is 4 and she will be older when she turns 5 at her next birthday..yada yada yada. She simply said for me to put on my glasses and then I will be younger again. :)

I really wish it was that simple!

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